Materials left behind at Events and Festivals can be a valuable resource!

Public events often create a huge amount of waste. Whether it’s a sports event, a music festival or a community event, when people come together a lot of waste tends to be left behind.  When recycled, these materials can be a valuable resource.

Waste Management at special events

Most festivals and events are now implementing some form of environmentally aware waste management schemes. Any who do not, are sadly lagging behind.

At Plastikourgeio, we believe that encouraging recycling activity at events:

  • Preserves natural resources and saves on landfill charge.
  • Can significantly improve the public’s perception of the event.

Organisers can consider:

  • Allowing use of only biodegradable disposables or re-usable cups and plates on stalls.
  • Providing separate bins for recycling.
  • Using volunteers and potential sponsorship for the clean-up and sorting efforts.
  • Separating waste for recycling
  • Involving the crowd by supplying recycling bin bags and either a returnable rubbish fee or reward incentives.
  • Providing standard, recycling and biodegradable bin bags for traders.
  • Creating sculptures using waste generated on site (e.g. plastic bottles)
  • Taking into consideration health, safety and hygiene.
  • Being aware of legislation and being prepared.

Plastikourgeio Helps Events and Festivals Go Green

We believe advance planning is key in making your waste reduction efforts successful. For event organizers, taking steps to limit waste in the first place goes a long way in reducing litter, costs and the negative impacts that waste has on the environment.

Our goal is to maximize capture rates of recyclables and minimize contamination levels. We will provide your event or festival with a green solution, providing simple solutions for separating waste streams and reducing contamination. Waste prevention involves thinking about what actions will generate the least amount of waste. Beginning with pre-event planning, to day-of-event tips, and post-event evaluation, Plastikourgeio can help you take your event beyond just recycling to hosting an environmentally-friendly and sustainable event.
To Find out more:  Contact us today.  Please provide us with the date(s), location event details and size of your event.  We will provide you recommendations and a quote for services.

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