About Plastikourgeio

How it all started

The idea got born while being on vacation in the island of Serifos, when we were informed that the water was not drinkable anymore. We started buying bottled water and collected the bottles to bring them back to Athens with us, as there were no recycling facilities on the island at the time. We were trully shocked at the end of our holidays when we saw our car overflowing with plastic and got overwhelmed with the degree of the environmental damage 3 people were able to cause in just a few days.

At the same time, we were concerned with the long term effects of plastic consumption on our health, especially after our son’s birth. Seeing, for example, the bottles of water at the port lying there for hours under the sun, made us wonder, is bottled water really better than tap water?

Precious Plastic Project

During that period, we heard about Dutch designer Dave Hakkens’ “Precious Plastic” project, which inspired us and made us think how creative and effective could be if every community had its own plastic recycling machines to manage its own plastic waste locally. We were anyway going through a phase of big changes in our personal life, so we decided to start our own shop & lab in our neighbourhood.

As members of the Precious Plastic Community, we constructed machines that would allow us to process plastic waste: a shredder for shredding the plastic, as well as a compressor, an injector and an extruder for making new objects.

Our First Lab

The first Lab was originally established at the back of our shop to illustrate how a decentralised household plastic waste management system can reduce the volume of plastic ending up in the landfill. We put collection bins in our space and our neighbours brought us their plastic, and then we would separate it together. Our aim was to process all this plastic packaging locally and transform it into objects with a longer life.

Our neighbour’s response was really high, they embraced our project and our efforts and very soon we saw our space filled up with plastic.

The whole idea as well became popular and inspired others. Since then, we have provided machinery and equipment to projects such as ReMake plastic lab, sponsored by the SeaChange Greek Islands project, Sani Eco Day run by iSea at Sani Resort Halkidiki, A Sustainable Planet at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, BlueCycle, operating under the auspices of Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation and more recently the KORRES Recycle Lab, a full equipped workshop for the reception, sorting, preparation and transformation of rescued plastic.

After a lot of work and experimentation, our recycling centre & Lab in Asklipiou street ceased its operation, due to lack of space, funds and personnel. This was a very important lesson for us, as we realised from our own personal experience that plastic recycling is an extremely difficult and demanding process, which is why recycling should be our last resort.

“plastic recycling is an extremely difficult and demanding process, which is why recycling should be our last resort”


These days

Nowadays our Lab has been absorbed by a larger workshop in a different area, and we only work in specific projects.

Despite our disappointment that our small local Lab has been unable to process all our neighbourhood’s plastic waste, our Shop is operating normally and is being enriched constantly with new products. We offer plastic-free zero waste products that help us live better, by throwing away less.

Plastikourgeio Shop

In our shop you will find tableware for your home and your office, for holidays, camping or picnics… We offer products that are 100% friendly to humans and the environment:  Either disposable or reusable, they are made of natural materials such as bamboo and palm leaves, they are recyclable and compostable, and offer a great stylish and ecological alternative to plastic objects used in our daily lives.

You will also find decorative items made by us in our lab.