About Plastikourgeio

Plastikourgeio Shop 

In our shop you will find tableware for your home and your office, for holidays, camping or picnics… We offer products that are 100% friendly to humans and the environment:  Either disposable or reusable, they are made of natural materials such as bamboo and palm leaves, they are recyclable and compostable, and offer a great stylish and ecological alternative to plastic objects used in our daily lives.

You will also find decorative items made by us in our lab.

Plastikourgeio Lab

As members of the Precious Plastic Community, in our Lab we have built machines to help us recycle plastic and explore our creativity.

The first stage of the process is to look for raw material: We place bins and we collect single use plastic from offices, shops and houses in our neighbourhood, and we transport it to our space. Here, discarded water bottles and plastic coffee cups are transformed into artistic creations. As craftsmen skilled in “plastikurgy”, we work our plastic, we refine waste material and by giving it an entirely different colour, shape and form, we create a new object with a longer life.

Our goal is multiple: We want to reduce, reuse and recycle, and this to become our habit; to instill this habit to those around us; to protect the environment, to alleviate the Municipality’s blue recycling bins, and to suggest an alternative waste management system. At the same time, we wish to satisfy our artistic sensibilities and the need to create something with our own hands.

You can support us by becoming Plastikourgeio Members or by purchasing items from our shop.
You can also start your own creative recycling lab, thus contributing in your own way in the  protection of the environment and adding your personal touch in Athens’ long tradition of small workshops and craftsmen, who, instead of disposing, they actively choose to repair objects again and again with patience and an impressive attention to detail in order to give them a new character and a longer life.

“To invent you need a good inspiration and a pile of junk”

Thomas Edison

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