Start your own Precious Plastic Lab

and help reduce plastic ending in the landfill

Even though we have recycling centers, plastic trash is still a big issue. It can be found in every nook and cranny, even in remote locations! In the most secluded beach in the Cyclades , at the farthest reaches of a gorge in Epirus, there sat some plastic bottles and frappe cup.

Only about 1% of what we throw away actually gets recycled. What if we could recycle our plastic trash at home and 3D print it out into things we can use. Now we can, thanks to Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, whose Precious Plastic initiative makes use of new open-sourced machines to turn unwanted plastic into renewed goods.

Each machine recycles plastic material using different methods and includes a compression moulding, and extrusion machine and an injection-molding machine along with a simple shredder. Those interested in building their own machines can get the blueprints from the Precious Plastic.

Alternatively you can request a quote from us and we’ll build them for you 

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