Ghost Gear Core

Last touch and now it is ready for a test next September in Velefique International Freeride ????

This longboard deck was produced using ghost fishing nets, as part of the plys combination. You’ll often find layers of fibreglass to add strength without adding weight, in this deck the fibreglass is substituted for nylon from fishing nets recovered in the Aegean Sea. Nylon is exceptionally strong, elastic and abrasion resistant material, giving to the deck a nice bounce and energy return. It will maintain its pop and flex for many years.
The nets are cleaned and processed in LUDD makerspace with an innovative method created by Plastikourgeio Lab. Deck was handcrafted by the only Greek boardsport company Massive.

#MoreOceanLessPlastic #GlobalGhostGearInitiative


Massive LongBoards co.

LUDD Makerspace

Plastikourgeio LAB

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